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The Brakeman's Riveting tools are machine shop quality and are easy to operate without using a hammer. Both the Original Brakeman's Riveter and the Brakeman's Super Riveter are fully automatic — so no hammer is required. The Original Riveter is designed to be used with more delicate riveting applications. The Super Riveter is twice as heavy and twice as powerful as the Original Riveter; it's ideal for use with heavy-duty truck rivets for any and all manufacturers of O-Gauge and S-Gauge trains. It is an adjustable tool, allowing you to control the amount of peening. It also comes with a separate custom supporting post that can be placed in a vise or in the four-piece fixture used with the Original Brakeman's Riveter.

super riveter Product Review

"This new tool performed exactly as claimed by the accompanying literature, which is to rivet S Gauge trucks to freight and passenger car bodies with the appearance of a factory job. The heavy weight of the tool makes it ideal for setting rivets made of different metals, and for any and all makes of S Gauge or O Gauge trains. It's fully adjustable, and fully automatic so no hammer is required. It comes with a custom separate supporting post that can be placed in a vise. The very detailed instructions come with some excellent suggestions for removing old rivets. With a little patience, anyone using this tool should get perfect results, better than the results you get using the factory set. If you repair toy trains, add this product to the list of required tools." — Pat Amore (March-April, 1992 S Gaugian)

Brakeman's Riveting Tools - Description for Use for either Original or Super Brakeman's Riveter