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Product ID: Kit#3
Brakeman's Hobby Standard Boxed Set for O-Gauge Trains
Brakeman's Hobby Standard Boxed Set for O-Gauge Trains
BR-1 Original Riveter (Includes BRT1-1 Tip)
BRT2-1 Shoe-Armature Spring Tip
BR-PO Four-Piece Backing Post Set
BR-2 Super Riveter for "O" Gauge (Includes BRT2-1 Tip & BR-2P Truck Rivet Backing Post)
BR-S Truck Rivet Securing Tool
BRT2-2 1/8" Rivet Tip for O-Gauge Switch Tracks and Geep Pilot Fronts
BRT3-SW Small Swaging Tip (for staking truck side frames)
BR1-SP Backing Post used with BRT3-SW
BR-PE Shoe Eyelet and other Small Eyelets Backing Post
BRT4-2 Swaging Tip
BR-FB Fitted Backing Block for F-3 Ladders
BRT6-2 Heavy Duty Mini Rivet Tip
BREXT-1 1" Extension for BR-1 Orig. Riveter
BR-EXT-1/2 ½" Extension for BR-2 Super Riveter
BR530-P Backing Post for Lionel 530-40 or -44 Rivet
BR-BX1 Basswood Set Box with Branded Logo
BR-BX1T Wooden Supplemental Tray (for adding storage capacity to Set Box)   
Price: 385.00

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